Thursday, July 13, 2006


Jaldapara: Serengeti of Bangla

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the biggest reserved forests of Bangla (West Bengal), was once the haunting ground of the kings of Bhutan. It covers an area 115 km² in the North Bengal district of Jalpaiguri. The forest was established in 1943 and now it is the home for one-horned Indian rhinos, hog deer, spotted deer, barking deer, leopard, tiger, hispid hare, hogbadger, sloth bear, gaur or Indian bison, Indian elephant etc. Birds like lesser pied horn bill, the Bengal florican etc. as well as 8 species of freshwater turtles are found in the sanctuary.Early morning Elephant Safaris are delightful. They will take you to the deep core of the forest where you can find the early humble forest life in the quest of life. The magnificent Hollong Forest Lodge is waiting for you.

Visitors Guide: Jaldapara
· District: Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
· Nearest Airport: Bagdogra
· Nearby Railway Station: New Jalpaiguri (Siliguri), Jalpaiguri
· General Enquiries and Booking:Hollong Forest Lodge, Siliguri Tourist Office (0353) 51 1914
Best Time for Visiting: October to May
· Extra charges is needed for food and snapshots
· Elephant Safari: Hollong Forest Lodge

Source: Illustrated Guide of India & Official Website of Jalpaiguri District Administration

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